UP Fast Install Curved Stairlift for a Staircase with One or More Bends

The stairlift for every staircase

Due to the unique modular rail, the UP Stairlift fits on every staircase. The rail consists of only 2 parts and can be fully customized on site. This prevents long delivery times and high prices.

This stairlift is suitable for a staircase with one or more bends. The UP Stairlift is always delivered with an automatic swivel chair, footrest and intercom and is also available in 4 modern colors.


A considerably smaller profile

Compared to commonly used rails, our rail has a considerably smaller profile. The rail is designed so your staircase is not blocked. In the image on the side you can see the difference, with on the right the rail of the UP Stairlift and on the left of two other suppliers, in proportion to the size of the stairlift itself.

Accessible from your stairlift

The intercom and joystick are fitted as standard in the right armrest of the stairlift. In case of a malfunction you can reach the help desk with the intercom. Your stairlift will then be checked remotely and you will be provided with a solution immediately, if possible. In this way you always have immediate remote assistance

Fully automatic

The UP Fast Install Curved Stairlift comes standard with an automatic swivel chair and footrest. This way you do not have to bend over to fold or unfold the footrest. This happens fully automatically after you fold the armrests down or up. In addition, the seat at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically swivels away from the stairs, so you can get on and off safely.


  • Fits in every interior
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Environmentally friendly due to reusability
  • Automatic swivel chair
  • Automatic footrest
  • Foldable seat and armrests
  • Intercom
  • Safety sensors
  • Safety belt
  • Two charging stations
  • Remote control app