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If have a health condition and need to use a wheelchair, make sure your home's entryways won't hold you back. At Right Now Mobility, we offer many different mobility ramps for sale. When you need a mobility ramp installation for your residential or commercial property in or around Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville and the surrounding areas turn to our expert team.

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No matter what type of ramp you need for your home or place of business, we can install the perfect fit for you. Our mobility ramp installation experts can:

  • Install outdoor or threshold ramps
  • Make sure your ramp follows the ADA guidelines
  • Create a custom ramp within your budget
  • Provide temporary rental ramps
Ready to start browsing the different mobility ramps we have for sale and for rent? To schedule a free on-site or virtual estimate on the ramp installation services you need, contact us today.

RIGHT NOW Mobility Provides Wheelchair Ramp Solutions for Every Need

RIGHT NOW Mobility can help you identify the perfect ramp solution for your needs. We'll work with you to gather information such as the length of time the ramp will be used, how many steps there are (if applicable), the user's mobility device when using the ramp (ex. manual or electric wheelchair, motorized scooter, walker, etc.), location information (front porch, side door) and any other pertinent information. Believe it or not, the answers to many of these questions will help us determine the safest, most cost-effective options for your ramp needs. Obtaining a wheelchair ramp involves more than basic measurements. That's the RIGHT NOW Mobility difference. We look at the entire customer picture to craft a tailored solution for 100% satisfaction.

How Long Will You Need the Ramp?

To determine which style of ramp will best fit your situation, the first step is to determine the length of time the ramp will be needed. If the ramp will only be used for a temporary situation such as a relative visit or post-surgery recovery, a portable ramp may be the most cost-effective solution.

If the ramp will be utilized on a more permanent basis, RIGHT NOW Mobility can assist in assessing the type of ramp which will provide the safest, most cost-effective solution for your individual needs.

Should You Rent or Buy the Ramp?

If you need an accessibility ramp for at least 6 months or more, it is often more cost-effective to purchase the ramp versus renting it. Why?

When renting a ramp, you pay upfront for the installation, de-installation and first month of rent. These costs can add-up to almost the purchase price of a newly installed ramp, therefore it is best to discuss your options with an expert who can assess your situation and provide the most cost-effective solution, which could also include a portable ramp.

The Type of Ramps RIGHT NOW Mobility Installs

RIGHT NOW Mobility installs Aluminum, Wood and Concrete accessibility ramps. Depending on the terrain, rise and yard space, our Ramp Specialists may recommend one ramp type over the other. We offer FREE NO-OBLIGATION site assessments, which will provide the most accurate quote for each type of ramp. Unfortunately, formal quotes cannot be generated over the phone due to the nature of these solutions.

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Ramps can often be installed in hours versus days, are maintenance-free, and offer more flexibility for customization. There are multiple options for ramp surfacing, railing styles and color, all which enable the ramp to blend into the surrounding area. Choose from a grated surface like RIGHT NOW Mobility's XM Ramp, which allows water and light snow to fall through the surface, or select a solid surface ramp - regardless of preference, we have an aluminum ramp that meets your needs.

Aluminum Ramps offer options for the ramp surface, railing, and color, so it will blend into the surrounding area.

Wood Ramps

Wood Ramps are typically more expensive than their aluminum counterparts and often take a minimum of 1-3 days to install. Aesthetically, wood provides the flexibility of painting or staining to match the decor. In addition, wood ramps can be built to support extra weight; aluminum ramps typically hold up to 1000 lbs per section whereas wood ramps can be built for higher weight capacities.

Wood ramps do require maintenance which includes annual staining or sealing the deck and replacing damaged deck boards as needed. Wood ramps require the digging of footers for the support posts, and in most cases require professional removal when no longer in use.

Concrete Ramps

RIGHT NOW Mobility installs concrete ramps when there is a lower rise, and the client desires a ramp which will blend in with the home and existing sidewalk, often providing the look of no ramp at all. Concrete is very durable and will last many, many years. Of the three options, concrete ramps are usually more expensive than aluminum and wood, and have the longest installation time in order to let the concrete cure.

Your Right Now Mobility team is ready to give you back your freedom and independence. Contact us today.