You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

About Right Now Mobility FAQs

Who is Right Now Mobility?

We're a privately held and family-owned company that helps people gain independence in their homes by installing stairlifts, ramps, walk-in tubs and other mobility solutions.

What areas do you serve?

Our RIGHT NOW Mobility staff provides stairlifts, ramps and other accessibility solutions in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

What do you offer?

At RIGHT NOW Mobility, we only offer the highest quality stairlifts, ramps, vertical platform lifts, ceiling lifts, walk-in tubs and showers. We have the solution for your unique needs because every mobility situation, home layout, individual need and state-of-mind are different.

How is Right Now Mobility different?

From every call or appointment, our RIGHT NOW Mobility staff focuses on what matters-you. Our caring staff have provided mobility healthcare services for more than 20 years because we believe in finding the best stairlift, ramp and mobility solutions designed to make people comfortable in their own homes. We also know what it is like helping our own parents stay in the home they love. These experiences give us the compassion, the expertise and the drive to find the right stairlift, ramp and/or walk-in tub solutions that are right for you.

Products FAQs

What types of products do you offer?

We're focused on keeping you in your home by offering products designed to improve accessibility, mobility and comfort. Our wide range of stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, ceiling lifts, wheelchair ramps and walk-in bathtubs are the highest quality equipment from leading brands in the mobility industry.

Are your products reliable?

We carry the highest quality products available on the market so you can rest assured we will supply you with reliable solutions. Most of our products are also covered under warranty and our staff can walk you through what is covered for each product.

How do I know which products are right for me?

Our team will get to know you and your needs through a quick call or email. We'll then visit your home, talk through your options, take measurements and offer an estimate based on your needs and budget.

Stairlift Installation FAQs

Can I install a stairlift myself?

No. Our authorized, factory-certified and trained stairlift installers must install the stairlift to meet local safety, building and elevator code requirements. Our skilled service team makes sure your stairlift is installed correctly the first time.

How quickly are new products installed?

Our goal is to keep many of our products in stock for quick installation. In many cases, we can install as soon as the next day. More complex staircases with curves, multiple landings or flights may take more time to install.

How do stairlifts attach to the stairway?

Stairlift installation is secured directly to the tread of the steps. Usually, the first and last tread supports secure the stairlift with additional rails for stabilization. Depending on the staircase, additional tread supports may be required.

What if there's a door at the bottom of the stairs?

When we perform an onsite assessment, we determine if a straight stairlift or a hinge is needed at the bottom. Hinges allow the stairlift to fold out of the way of doors. We eliminate any obstructions to make the stairlift as safe as possible.

Can I keep my hand rail?

Yes, it may be possible to keep the handrail depending on the setup and other residents' usage in the house. The initial house evaluation will determine the best needs for each home.

Can you install on carpeting or wood?

We install on both flooring types. New carpeting can be installed around stairlift supports and rails. However, if you are considering new carpeting on the stairs, you may want to install the carpet before installing the stairlift for easier carpet installation.

Is installation messy?

No, our factory-trained installers clean the staircase area completely and leave your house cleaner than before we arrived.

How does a stairlift operate?

The stairlift uses a rechargeable battery that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Batteries allow the stairlift to be used during power outages.

Do I need to install an outlet to power the stairlift?

No, we can use an outlet closest to the steps.

What if there is a door at the top of my steps?

You can keep the door there. With Right Now Mobility you do not need to remove the door to allow for the stairlift to be installed. The stairlifts that we use offer optional extension brackets that allow the door to remain in place.

Service FAQs

What if something goes wrong with an installed product?

We are here for you no matter what issue may arise. Our support team is available 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday by calling 888-381-5820. If we can't help you over the phone, we'll immediately set up an in-home visit to get your issues resolved.

Does Right Now Mobility offer technical support?

Absolutely. We are here for you to answer questions and help with product support. Our support team is available 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday by calling 888-381-5820. If we can't help you over the phone, we'll immediately set up an in-home visit to get your issues resolved.

Are products covered under warranty?

Yes, most of our products are covered under warranty.

Purchasing a Stairlift FAQs

Will I really need a stairlift long term?

Although every situation is unique, we find the answer to this one is almost always, yes. Why? Because creating independence in your home is often a long-term investment. You may think it's a temporary need. If you or your loved one is aging, safety and mobility needs through the years will change - sometimes quickly and dramatically. Having a low-profile stairlift creates the security and peace-of-mind you need now and into the future.

Is a stairlift worth the buy?

It's hard to put a price on freedom and independence. In the long term, a stairlift purchase may require more up-front cost. However, you will spend less over time because a stairlift rental typically extends longer than expected.

Once we purchase a stairlift, is it ours forever?

Of course what you purchase is yours. However, we understand needs change. Depending on the condition of the lift we often have the ability to purchase it back from you.

Renting a Stairlift FAQs

How does renting a stairlift work?

If you feel renting is your best option, give us a call and one of our team members will walk you through the process. We require a down-payment, which includes the installation fee, 3 months rental and the de-installation fee. After the minimum 3-month rental period, we bill monthly until you have us remove the stairlift. Call us for rates and more details.

What type of stairlifts are available to rent?

We only rent straight indoor stairlifts. Curved stairlifts are not avilable to rent since these are custom-made to fit your stairs and typically cannot be modified for another home. Outdoor stairlifts exposed to the elements are also not available to rent.

Which stairlift model do you rent?

The Savaria K2 Straight Stairlift is the option available for rent. This stairlift gives you a 350-lb weight capacity, two wireless call/send remotes and adjustable arms extending to 20 inches. Your rental also provides all of the standard stairlift safety features, including:

  • retractable seat belt
  • carriage sensors
  • footrest sensors
  • seat swivel
The Savaria K2 Stairlift folds up to 10.75 inches, which provides the most open space for others to get around when not in use.

How soon can you install a rental stairlift?

Our goal is to keep our rented stairlifts in stock for quick installation. In most cases, we can install as soon as the next day.

Financing a Stairlift FAQs

Is stairlift financing available?

Yes, we offer chairlift financing that's simple and easy to set up and is based on your specific need. Options start at $49/month with industry low interest rates. Please contact us for more information.