Threshold Ramps and Transition Ramps

If you are visiting our page, you or a loved one could be in need of a ramp.

A Threshold Ramp can be used when the rise is 6 inches or less typically going into the house. We offer different types of Threshold Ramp, they include fixed aluminum, adjustable aluminum and rubber threshold ramps.

When is a threshold ramp required?

Trying to push a wheelchair over a small vertical elevation change, can be a challenge. They developed the threshold ramp in different sizes to help get over these obstacles with ease. A rubber threshold is used when there is a 2 inch or less rise that is needed, get a tape measure and measure the height and you'll find the height of the threshold ramp you need. If the rise is over 2 inches an aluminum threshold ramp will be required. See below for a list of sizes of all of the available threshold ramps.

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