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Grab Bars


Everyone, especially seniors, could benefit from a strategically placed grab bar in the bathroom.  We offer Moen grab bars for their style, strength and looks.  We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles from a 12" to 48" straight grab bar, or if you want one to bend around your toilet of bath tub, we can provide those as well.  All of our grab bars meet or exceed ADA requirements for size (1-1/2" diameter bar), mounted 1-1/2" from wall, and will withstand more than 250lbs of force.

Standard Grab Bars

MOEN is a leader in quality products that meet ADA requirements with all of their Aging-in-Place Products.   They offer a wide range of sizes of grab bars.  We can find the one that will fit you best.


Decorative Bars

MOEN has a line of decorative grab bars that not only function as the standard but give a little elegance to the bar.  If you want to match a finish or style to your existing decor, we can help you find the right one.


Flip Up Grab Bars

There when you need up, flip it up out of the way when you don't.  These Flip Up Grab Bars can be installed next to your toilet or even next to your bed to give you that little extra support you need to get you up.


There are many studies out there that show that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house.  One of the least expensive options to help keep you safe in the bathroom is to install grab bars for stability.  A Towel Rack is NOT a Grab Bar, please don't use one as a Grab Bar.  It will break, and you can hurt yourself.  Shower Doors also are NOT meant to support your weight, if you rely on the shower doors to stabilize yourself while showering, install a Grab Bar or two in your shower.  We can help you pick out the right Grab Bar for you.









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